Transferring away / moving web site to another provider
Posted by Wolf on 20 November 2011 04:24 PM

Transferring away / moving web site to another provider

Every month most web hosting companies gain some clients and of course lose some clients. In the industry this is known as churn. Although we do our very best to ensure each and every customer is completely satisfied, we also recognize that sometimes it is beyond our control. The reasons can range from price sensitivity to technological requirements that we can't meet (ie we do not offer cold fusion, and so if your website requires that then you will need to source that elsewhere).

The web hosting business is very competitive and does not allow for large margins. As such the labour of technical support quickly consumes a customer's annual fee and for that reason we and almost everyone in our industry encourages self-management wherever possible. The purpose of this bulletin is to help customers self-manage any kind of exit process.

Should a customer determine that they must have our help to move their site or domain away, we are prepared to assist, however labour charges will apply. A minimum of two hours at our standard rate of $125.00 plus gst if applicable AND this must be prepaid.

Moving a domain to another provider:
1. Unlocking the domain, this can be done by logging into the management interface for the domain
2. Before initiating a transfer, YOU MUST change the administrative & technical contacts. This can be done through the management interface offered by tucows our registration partner. The web address is To logon to this address requires a user name & password. We are more than happy to provide this if you do not have it. Again, an email to requesting this will be answered as quickly as possible. (Please note that for .ca domains any change to the Owner profile will cause the domain to lock for 60 days, changes to the admin profile will not cause a lock)

If privacy for your domain is enabled then you can disable this from the domain extras tab.

3. Once you have changed the contacts and also logged onto the management interface, you may need an "Auth code" this is available through the management interface

4. The gaining registrar will most likely send a transfer request confirmation email, we do not respond to these and we do not forward them, this is why it is critical to change the contacts (see item 2).

Moving your website to another provider:
1. Backing up your website during your time with us has always been the customer's responsibility. Upon moving the site elsewhere this is no different, you should already have the information necessary to logon via ftp and retrieve your files. If you require us to zip them up and make them available as a download either before or after the site is pointed elsewhere, our minimum 2 hour labour charge applies.

2. Databases can be a more complicated issue. Again we are trying to offer self-management wherever possible. If your database is on a server where you have the potential to backup & download then that is what you must do. There are certain database servers on our system where it is only possible by Chinook Staff and we are more than happy to make available a single download. Repeated requests are subject to a labour charge.

All of our email servers offer client self management. If you are not aware of how to logon to the management interface simply request this from and we will be happy to send you logon details.

Chinook Webs has always offered a 30 day money back guarantee for NEW clients on shared hosting and this does not include out of pocket expenses such as domain registration or certificates. We do not offer refunds in general and that is why we do offer 3 month plans as well as 1 year & 2 year plans. If you are unsure of how long you wish to use our services you should select a 3 month plan. In the event that a client is cancelling due to an event that is directly caused by Chinook Webs , then management at its sole discretion may elect to offer some form of refund.

Resellers that have prepaid hosting and then wish to use that pre-payment for a different site than the one originally ordered are subject to a $25 administrative fee.

If you have moved your site elsewhere and wish to reconsider our services, please know that you are always welcome back at Chinook Webs.

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